For Sale: Allodi/Fantini Piano Accordion

I've acquired a lovely Allodi Piano Accordion via a friend to sell on. I don't play the PA myself but this is a really nice machine, here are the full details of what I know about it:

  • Allodi/Fantini, most likely a CP22 or a CP/27/KK model, but it might be a custom job
  • 37 treble keys, G to G
  • 96 bass keys
  • 4 voice musette, LMMM
  • Double cassotto
  • 9 treble couplers
  • 3 bass couplers
  • Tipo-a-mano reeds
  • A modest amount of rhinestone razzle-dazzle on the grill
  • Has a crocodile-skin-effect hard case
  • Good quality leather straps (with back strap) with evidence of wear

It's in great condition, with a few cosmetic marks on the back of the bass end, and a green replacement felt under some of the treble keys which doesn't match the original felt. All the couplers and reeds work, no sticky keys or valves that need replacing.

You're welcome to come and try it either in the Cardiff area or in Oxfordshire if you arrange it in advance. I can also bring it to a few upcoming festivals instead. I can attempt a video/audio demo of it if you're interested, though I may have to recruit someone else to play it as my playing most certainly does not do it justice.

Asking price is £2750, offers welcome. Please email me with any enquiries.